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app for utilities
& insurance
months to MVP
active organizations
properties (including 6k units) registered
MyProviders — shopping app for utilities & insurance
App that was developed by Paralect to setup utilities quiclkyApp that was developed by Paralect to help people move quiclky
The original idea was to help people who move to new apartments set up their utilities quickly.
MyProviders™ simplifies this hassle by presenting all the utility plans in one app.
Residents only need to fill out one form to sign up and activate the utilities they need. The app constantly updates plans to show the current offers so people can select the right services for their budget.

The goal was to build MyProviders as a two-sided marketplace so lease agents could easily track resident's utilities status and customize requirements based on property policies.
New residents need to set up about six utilities — from gas and electric to TV 📺 and internet 🌐. Each service provider has their own site and people have to visit each one, enter the same info on different forms, and spend a lot of time.
The MVP version was released to a staging environment in May 2018 after 3 months of development 🛠️.
It included Manager and Resident sites and supported web, tablet and mobile versions. The Resident site allowed the activation of utilities and the Manager site gave the opportunity to add and manage properties, units and residents.

The utility industry is highly regulated, even at a local level, so this new solution faced several legal hurdles. These were successfully resolved and the app was released🚀.
MyProviders was the first utilities marketplace of its kind on the US market 💫!  
Functionality of mobile shopping app
Resident Site
Allows residents to set up all their utilities in under 5 minutes. MyProviders' price scanner presents new tenants with up-to-date offers from local service providers so they can make informed decisions faster.
Manager Site
Streamlines the daily work of leasing agents and sales representatives — see who has set up electric and insurance, set the property’s utility requirements and activate utilities for residents.
To quickly set up utilites — electric, gas, water, insurance, internet, etc — through both the Resident and Manager site. Done in 5 minutes without talking to anyone or puzzling over special offers and hidden fees.
To present statistics by activation and residents for different types of residents, units, or properties. Leasing agents and property managers can export reports or share via email as needed.
Export/Import properties and units
Ability to export properties, unit data and resident reports to pdf, xls and csv format. New managers can quickly import any amount of properties/units from an xls file into MyProviders.
Ability to filter residents by more than 10 parameters. MyProviders allows sorting of residents defined by rules set in filters and working with particular resident groups.
Filters and functionalities of mobile shopping app
The MVP release attracted additional investments 🤝 which allowed the project to develop and the team to grow.
Some functional solutions have been revised — primarily a shift of focus from tablets to desktop and mobile devices.
Functional shopping app solutions
Since MyProviders offered a completely new solution to the utilities industry, it faced a number of legal difficulties that delayed the public launch of the app for real-world use. But the MyProviders team overcame these hurdles and continues to grow.
MyProviders developed by Paralect offers new solution to the utilities industry
By 2020:
My providers - 16 active organizations per yearMy providers - 884 properties per yearmore than 1250 properties at Myprovidersover 5,000 residents a month at MyProvidersMy providers - 4176 units per yearMy providers - 868 residents per year
From June 1, 2020, a large media dealer added 1250 properties and now averages over 5,000 residents a month.
a Conversational Relationship Platform that helps businesses build better customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences.
an online payment processing for internet businesses that provides a large number of payment options.
an inner backend service used for emails, static assets, analytics, business logic, etc.
Technologies were used by Paralect to develop shopping app MyProviders
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