Fix your startup tech and launch new products fast

Struggling with your product development?
Hire an experienced team to hit your fundraising milestone faster

Launch my product

We did it 35+ times before 👇

Bring your startup vision to life, finally

Launch fast to get market feedback and build the product that people love


You validated the market

• You interviewed clients

• You found distribution channels

• You spoke to the potential investors


But your product delivery is slow

• You waste months on wrong hires

• Your release is stuck at 90%

• Your tech team doesn't understand business goals


You come to Paralect

✓ Agree on business goals

✓ Build and launch super fast

✓ Onboard your clients

✓ Raise fundraising round

Launch my product ⚡️

Make your tech process simple and manageable

Paralect team has built 35+ startups and prototyped 100+ MVPs during 14 years

Launch your product in <2 months

Build your web or mobile app with full-stack JavaScript, no-code and AI ℹ
Launch my product ⚡️
From $15,000 / month
1 week free trial

we are ready to help

full service included 🌶

Fix your product delivery and hit your goals

For startups with existing products ℹ
For startups with existing products ℹ
✓ sales are good but tech team doesn’t deliver in time
✓ tech team takes too much to communicate business objectives
✓ tech team deliver bad quality product that leads to churn
✓ tech team burn is too high to meet fundraising milestone
Rescue Plan
✓ review your product, delivery process and technical architecture
✓ agree on fundraising goals or other measurable results
✓ execute plan to get to the milestone
Fix my product

we are ready to help


"Everybody on the Paralect team is like an entrepreneur"

Daniel Welsh, VeroSkills

Read Case Study


Products delivered


Biggest client's exit


Years on market


Fast and regular releases


Focus on your customers


Target measurable goals

Reach your product goals faster

Paralect is a great fit for early-stage startups led by non-tech founders

Freelance, FinTech
Target stage: Growth
Target stage: Series A
Target stage: Series A
Target stage: Series A
Target stage: Growth
Chat Widget
Target stage: Seed
Dev Tools
AI Writer
Target stage: Growth
FinTech, Accounting
Social, Fashion
Target stage: Seed
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Need a custom build or have issues with your product delivery?

Book Paralect product team

→ launch new product

→ fix product delivery

→ hit fundraising milestone

✓ quick delivery

✓ cross-functional team

✓ product focus

✓ no-code & full-stack development

✓ go-to-market strategy

✓ $165k in tech discounts

Paralect was founded in 2009 by engineers.
We’ve come a long way since then.

products delivered
to markets on 6 continents
biggest exit
total startups capitalization
products afloat
and used by people now
rounds closed
for $100M+ in total
active users of startups we built

We aim to the world-class results

Startups are tough but we enjoy the journey

Trevor Newberry
Founder, ListedKit
Launched full-scale product in 7 weeks
Feedback on startup development company by Landon, ex-Y Combinator
Y Combinator graduate, Ex-Googler, serial founder
Closed pre-seed round with an app prototype

Ok, now you ready to launch your product?

Save months on your product delivery. Get experienced team to help you.

Book Paralect product team

→ launch new product

→ fix product delivery

→ hit fundraising milestone

✓ fast regular releases

✓ cross-functional team

✓ product development focus

✓ no-code & full-stack development

✓ go-to-market strategy

✓ $165k in tech discounts

Not ready to start yet?

Use our products to build your startup on your own

Full-stack boilerplate + docs to save hundreds of hours on your technical setup
Launch your landing page in seconds, grow waitlist, engage  your audience
Product #1 of the week in Marketing
video marketing
Create dozens of clips from your raw videos, publish more content and grow your video show
Product #1 of the day

Save $150,000+ on product tools

We partner with MongoDB, Twilio, Intercom and other startup products to save your costs while moving fast.

Get discounts

Use promo code GROW

Get a Company Lifetime Package valued of $4,781 for $699 only!
Get 20% discount for their paid plans.
Get a 10% discount.
Segment CDP
Use $25K in credits to build user personas and analyze behavior in your E-commerce platform depending on advertising.
From now, Paralect partners will get $1000 credits on Notion. Startup idea validation became even more accessible than ever.
Save 30% on all of the products
Wolves Summit
Get free access to Wolves Summit. Meet investors and expand your network.
Founder Institute Bali
Get access to the Founders Institute community and FI Core Program.
Get $5000 free credits, valid for 12 months, for MongoDB products (including Atlas and Realm).
Get 6 months of Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM for free. 15% discount off your first annual subscription.
Get 100% off for 1rst year, 50% off for 2nd year, and 20% off continuous discount.
Get 20 seats of GitHub Enterprise free for one year, 50% off in year 2 for GitHub Enterprise.
Get $1,200 in credits for Retool Cloud version (Team or Business plan) for 1 year. $200k+ in discounts, perks & credits in the Retool for Startups Deal Book
Get a 10% discount.

Grow your startup with Paralect products and services

We’ve built more than 30 client startups and prototyped over 100.
We focus speed to market and ease of experimentation as we learned that most of startup assumptions are wrong.

Get your UI/UX prototype for $99.99

Prototype, design and launch product that people love.
Design my product 🔥
hot offer 🌶️

Get your development costs and timeline for $99.99

Development scope
Build my product 🚀

Save months and dozens thousands of dollars with clever design that targets product and growth.

Figma MVP Kit
figplateGet my MVP Kit →
UI/UX library
figplateLaunch my API →

Build fast on cutting-edge tech that scales. We are early adopters of Node.JS, MongoDB, React, Kafka, Docker. We are fans of Kappa architecture and CQRS-ish event-driven architectures. But we launch light weight.

Save hundreds of hours on your product setup. Full-stack boilerplate + docs.
Launch my repo →
In-browser low-code backend platform. Build scalable APIs in minutes.
Launch my API →
Open-source shell for MongoDB
Download →

We are engineers in heart, but unfortunately coding is nothing without marketing. We learn how best marketing is done today and automate our knowledge. We promote building in public, micro-products, side product led growth and launching early.

Launch your landing page in seconds
Product #1 of the day
Launch my page →
Launch your blog in seconds
Launch my blog →
Create marketing assets for your social media in seconds.
Create nice content →
Cut dozens of viral clips from raw long videos in minutes
Upload video →
Startup podcast great for your launch
Join as a guest →
Engaging video production for your company
Get my video →

Build a world-class product with world-class people. Use Internet to the full potential to market your product and solve people’s problems.

Grow your startup in public together with community of genuine founders.
Grow my startup →
Grow your page by repurposing your best content.
Embed content feed →
Raw build in public video with indie-hackers and entrepreneurs
Browse the channel →
Add simple web analytics to your website in seconds
Add analytics →
Get up to $165k in tech discounts (Notion, GitHub and more)
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Still have questions?

Let’s figure out the gaps!

What is Paralect again?
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Paralect is a startup studio. 
Founders partner with Paralect to design, build and grow their products.Also Paralect builds own companies that provide specific product services (eg design, tech or marketing).

What services do Paralect provide?
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Paralect provides tech services that helps founder grow their startups: Product Design, Product Engineering, Marketing and Growth services.

Including: UI/UX design, MVP development, no-code development, full-stack JavaScript development, marketing design, landing page, ProductHunt launch, audience research etc.

Whoops.. I don’t have budget yet. Can you help me?
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Sure! We love working with ambitious early-stage founders.Explore Paralect child companies service offerings which include free resources and low-cost services. (see them on the page above)

Can you invest into my startup?
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We invest into pre-seed startups as part of our online accelerator Nano. We require building in public and proving the traction before the investment. Paralect doesn’t invest into startups and only do paid services.

How do I start working with Paralect?
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1. Send your request, explain your objective
2. Meet with Paralect for 30 minutes discovery call
3. Get a proposal with timeline

Please note that prices start from $10k+.

I have a product/tech team. Can you work with them?
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Absolutely. We’ll need to discuss our targets and figure out the way for Paralect team to perform without blockers to deliver product in time.

We can also discuss workshops to get your team up to speed.

What does Paralect mean?
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There are different legends, but the most recent one says that Paralect is change.