Path’s story started with an idea to change the way businesses communicate with their prospects.

Jeff Cole
Sean Emmer

Path’s founders, Jeff Cole and Sean Emmer, wanted to create a feature-rich yet simple communication channel that would enable businesses to capture more leads and enhance customer engagement and loyalty through better client service.

The customer decided to create an intelligent messaging platform that would help businesses easily communicate with their prospects and customers in real time via a website widget, thus increasing customer satisfaction and driving more revenue.

The biggest challenge was to ensure that the platform is intuitive and easy to use, and it should be easily integrated into any website without writing many lines of code.
Dmitry Schetnikovich
Dmitry Schetnikovich, Chief Executive Officer at Paralect


Path partnered with Paralect along their journey—Jeff and Sean already had some resources invested into the product and turned to Paralect for further development.

Our team performed a technological assessment and came up with a roadmap of actions needed to be taken to improve the technological stack as well as functionality and performance of the product while maintaining rapid development pace to achieve a faster time to market.

During the initial cooperation stage, our team gathered the requirements and drafted functional specifications—together we implemented a platform that blends the power of artificial and human intelligence.


A revamped MVP was released within 2 months of Paralect joining the project.

The team continued to work on the product, iteratively delivering new features to the production environment and simultaneously supporting live beta users.

The most challenging part of the development process was being able to iterate rapidly on our product in response to feedback we were hearing from the marketplace. Paralect’s deep expertise in building flexible architectures and highly dedicated and professional developers were the key to making this happen. The team displayed a level of genuine care, responsiveness, and pride of work than that were core to achieving a great product, and our business objectives more generally.
Sean Emmer
Sean Emmer, CTO at Path

One of the core Path’s features is support of various lead channels. Leads are automatically routed based on qualifiers to the right location, department, and teammate for follow up.

Our team has implemented the sophisticated algorithm to merge leads coming from various channels. The main challenge was to ensure data integrity without affecting chat capabilities.
Dmitry Schetnikovich
Dmitry Schetnikovich, Chief Executive Officer at Paralect

Application functionality

Paralect worked with Path over the course of 2 years to develop a feature-rich, multi-channel messaging platform.

Website widget

Website widget

The widget can be installed on any website and customized by uploading photos, specifying the welcome message, and modifying colors. It empowers visitors to converse with companies using Path without writing emails or making calls, thus helping businesses capture leads easily.

PathBot script

PathBot script

Path comes with an in-built script called PathBot. It enables Path consumers to create intelligent chatbot scenarios that are activated depending on user input. These scenarios provide users with targeted customized conversations both with the bot and real people.



Providers can see all their online visitors in the Inbox. They can start a live chat with their prospects at any time since the platform pairs real-time chats with AI-driven chatbots.

Appointment booking

Appointment booking

Path allows prospects to book appointments with providers based on their availability. Both providers and visitors can get email or SMS notifications about the status of their appointment.

Channels & audiences

Channels & audiences

Path provides for the engagement of prospects and customers through the website chat widget, SMS and appointment booking channels. Besides, Path consumers can set up custom audiences for each channel by specifying parameters such as page URL, IP address, and country.


Initially, Path was created to primarily serve the healthcare market. However, it now has thousands of teams in multiple verticals using the platform.

  • 1M+

    Messages sent through the Path platform

  • 300K+

    Leads captured for customers


Approximately two years after Path’s initial release, the platform was acquired by a leading consumer engagement solutions provider. Paralect continues its partnership today, providing ongoing support and working on new functionality.



  • Project rescue
  • MVP development
  • Integration


  • Node.js
  • AngularJS
  • React/Redux
  • Koa.js
  • Docker
  • Drone
  • Nginx

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