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Products launched

Web-based Practice
management software

for behavioral health practitioners

Healthtech Startup with NDA - practice management software for mental health professionals
Our partner wanted to build a solution to help mental health professionals streamline and manage their practices.
The MVP was developed in 2 months. Its rich functionality, intuitive navigation, and efficiency contributed to the change of the business vision – it was decided to transform the delivered solution into a SaaS platform.
Within 2 months the MVP was built and ready to launch. The efficiency, rich functionality and smooth navigation inspired the founder to offer it as a SaaS platform to the broader market.

Just a few months from the first commit, the solution became the leading practice management software with 21k + active users.
Scheduling & appointment booking and reminders
Clients management
Notes creation and treatment plan monitoring
Billing & invoicing
Electronic signatures
HIPAA compliant secure messaging & communication with clients
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IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

to help people with neurological disorders

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) for people with neurological disorders - Healthcare startup
Our partners created the device that relieves the suffering of many people with neurological disorders such as stroke, MS and Cerebral palsy. We were asked to develop 3 apps (for doctors, patients and administrators) to manage this device.
The product includes 3 apps:
Doctor App (used by healthcare professionals) on a tablet.
Patient App (used by patients owning the suit) on a mobile phone.
Control Panel (admin panel) on the web.
Patient app
Program training sessions
Health data
Pulse length adjustment
Connection to the device via Bluetooth
Syncing with healthcare professional via QR-code
Doctor app
Syncing with patients via QR-code
Creating/Editing new programs
Health data management
Connection to the device via Bluetooth
Control panel
Syncing with patients via QR-code
Creating/Editing new programs
Health data management
Connection to the device via Bluetooth
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Regulations Compliance

We feel full responsibility working with sensitive data, especially in Healthcare startups. That's why we regularly training our team and perform yearly audit. Here at Paralect we deliver solutions that comply with healthcare industry standards and regulations through: HIPAA, GDPR, PCI.
HIPAA Compliancy in MedTech StartupsPCI Compliancy in Medical Technology startups
GDPR in HealthTech startups

How we work with you

We shape creative ideas and business goals into digital products that disrupt the target market, taking whatever input you can provide and transforming it into tangible assets.

5-day for converting landing page or mobile app prototype to prove market interest
Build MVP
2 months for MVP to get users and build traction reasonable for investors
Grow product, user base and unit economy

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