Idea Stage

How do you turn an idea into 
a thriving startup? 
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Build Stage

It's time to build your product.

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Growth Stage

Let's make your startup thrive.

Let's level up  ⛰
and scale your product

Ideas and MVPs are great, but growing a business is better, right? Push the button “Grow” by working with us right now.


The results you can expect

We evaluate 5 growth levers of your product 🐣


Target Customer
By knowing your product target customer we can understand more about their needs and analyze how they use your product.


Product Value Proposal
A clear explanation of how your product meets your users' need better than similar solutions on the market.


Customer Experience
Your product should have positive customer experience to promote loyalty, help you retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy.


Make your product stand out, attract more of the target audience, and turn your customers into lifetime fans.


Market & Competitors
By knowing the market and competitors we can empower your product value proposal.


Capitalize on the value 
we create together.

Test Early,Test Often

Your product will mature from testing hypothesis, understanding feedback and analyzing results. 
Quickly find a common language with your audience 
and uncover features they'll love.

Analytics from day one.Make informed decisions.

To raise investments, you need a clear view of what KPIs 
we aim for. We’ll help you refine this. Once your goals are defined, we track these KPIs in BI tools. Make and validate your product decisions based on data.

Growth Rate
Shows the number of new users within a specific time frame.
Lifetime Value
Helps you assess what your customers are worth over the “lifetime” of their relationship with your business.
Retention Rate
You cannot grow if you can’t keep your existing clients. Chasing quick revenue over lifetime value and relationships is not sustainable.
Cohort Analysis
Focuses on segmenting users by traffic source, country, and device and analyzing the associated metrics.
Return On Investment (ROI)
Represents what you’ve spent versus what you’ve earned on a particular feature, update or campaign.
Cost Per Acquisition
Lets you know exactly how much you spend to gain each new customer.

ContinuousGrowth Workflow

Let's talk about the journey we go through together as partners.

The Process


Launched Product


Metrics & Customer 
Experience Analysis

You will get analyzed predefined metrics  to make informed decisions


Define Opportunities and Goals

By defining growth points and goals, we'll focus our efforts appropriately and quickly evaluate whether or not what we're doing is actually working.


Hypothesis Generation

By using different research types and analyzing metrics, we'll brainstorm ideas to define what to build next to achieve the goals.


Wireframing & Design

The design team will shape the ideas into wireframes and clickable prototypes for rapid testing and validation.


Run Tests & Gather Feedback

For each new feature, we'll run tests to gather feedback and learn as much from your users as possible. Then we monitor growth to see how the product is reaching our goals set in step 3.

Is there product market fit?

Test results will give you a clear understanding if the hypothesis are worth development or they should be refined or reworked.



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Create an ideal user flow and design the screens as well as the pitch deck you will share with investors.

Your Team

Product Manager
Tech Lead
UI/UX Designer
Business Analyst
Dev Team

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