In 2016, the customer decided to develop a solution that would simplify real estate agents’ job and help them quickly convert leads, thus saving their time and enabling them to concentrate on the results.

The major criteria for the solution were to ensure process automation and the solution’s integration with different real estate tools . The solution should be multifunctional and easy to use, helping agents effectively do their job and scale their businesses.

The customer was searching for a reliable software vendor to turn his idea into a feature-rich solution. They chose Paralect for project implementation thanks to our customers’ positive references.
Igor Krasnik
Igor Krasnik, CTO Paralect


Paralect developed a multinational platform that enabled real estate agents to do their job more efficiently by automating the processes of qualifying leads , setting appointments with them, and following up with old leads.

The UI-prototype was designed in parallel with platform development. It took 2 months to develop the UI-prototype and 3 months to create an MVP.

The customer wanted to develop a platform with large functionality, implementing both custom and third-party modules. Yet, despite the large scope of work, the solution MVP should be delivered quickly. Therefore, for our team, it was important to deliver a quality product within tight deadlines.
Paralect team
Paralect team


The platform automates all the processes of attracting and retaining real estate leads and helps agents and brokers grow their business leveraging a website chat, virtual assistants, and smart campaigns.

It filters both online and offline real estate leads from different sources, enabling agents to focus on selling houses and communicating with their current customers rather than searching for new opportunities.

Website chat

Website chat & virtual assistants

Paralect developed a chat that allows agents to communicate with website visitors, converting them into appointments. The communication may be also handled by virtual assistants that work 24/7, responding to questions, handling objections, following up, and scheduling appointments. It ensures a personalized approach, helping agents deliver a great service and build brand awareness.

Smart campaigns

Smart campaigns

The platform allows sending targeted text messages to attract new leads and re-engage with the old ones. The messages could be sent at a specific time and on a specific date. Besides, the platform allows its users to view targeted messaging and campaign statistics any time, being able to customize it if necessary.

Additional features

In addition, the platform provides additional features:

  • Various action templates

    SmartAlto allows users to create various action templates that will send different responses to different types of leads.

  • The solution utilizes Twilio

    The solution utilizes Twilio to handle incomming calls, forward them to users’ private numbers, and record voicemail.

  • Import and export existing leads

    The platform allows users to seamlessly import and export existing leads, thus, facilitating data exchange with third-party applications.


Paralect also performed integration with a large number of third-party systems and solutions that extend the platform’s functionality. The integrated solutions include:

  • Zapier

    a web-based service allowing to connect a large number of integrated apps that automate agents’ tasks, empowering them to focus on their major work

  • Stripe

    an online payment processing system that provides a large number of payment options

  • Chargebee

    an off-the-shelf solution that enables businesses to effectively manage subscriptions and billing

  • Twilio

    a cloud-based solution that allows creating virtual numbers for agents and is used for communicating with clients, voice messaging, and call forwarding

In addition, we integrated the solution with Facebook Pixel and Heap analytics tools that capture every user action, measure advertising results, and define active users. Utilizing these tools, agents and brokers receive valuable insight into user behavior, thus being able to drive more leads.
Igor Krasnik
Igor Krasnik, CTO Paralect


Paralect developed a multifunctional and intuitive platform that utilizes virtual assistants and smart campaigns to qualify and set appointments with leads, helping agents save time and focus on their main responsibilities.

After the platform’s successful release, we continued developing new features and extending its functionality. Together with the customer, we are planning to scale the platform and add new lead sources. Besides, we just released a website chat that could be installed on different websites, attracting more leads while the platform is processing leads coming from this chat.
Igor Krasnik
Igor Krasnik, CTO Paralect



  • Software development


  • Node.js
  • Next.js
  • React
  • Redux
  • Docker

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