Machine Learning

In recent years, a real Industrial Revolution has transformed the digital business world. In the 1830s, people moved from hand production methods to machines. Now the same shift towards automation is happening in IT with the power of Machine Learning. Better to be a Pioneer than a Luddite.

Our Expertise

Paralect Expertise in Computer Vision
Paralect Expertise in Natural Language Processing
Natural Language
Paralect expertise in Tabular Data analysis
Tabular Data

Computer Vision

We offer a wide variety of solutions in the realm of image processing and computer vision. Proven accuracy at or above human levels with greater speed and efficiency. Starting with the search for the most smiling client, ending with the search for defects by photo. Depending on your problem we can implement both native and cloud solutions. 

Imade processing and computer vision

Use Cases and Benefits

Content Management and Analysis

Find all the “easter eggs” in any media content or create your own custom censorship tool.

Manufacturing Process Control

Control quality and processes of your manufacturing with high-end computer vision solutions.

Customer Engagement for Retail

Help your customers match their inspirations and buy things they’ve been dreaming of.


Image similarity search

Find similar objects from different image collections.


Parse symbolic information.

Object detection

Detect any type of object on video and photos.

Document parsing

Parse and digitize your papers.

Face and emotion detection

Find all “plastic smiles”.

Natural Language Processing

Paralect has broad and diverse experience in Natural Language Processing. We’ll help your business show not only a friendly and human face, but also to connect with a natural language and tone. We can build not only intelligent conversation bot, but also models for specific information analysis systems.

Natural Language Processing

Use Cases and Benefits

Voice of Customer Analytics

Get all contextual information from customer feedback.

Knowledge Management

Automate your knowledge base management, organize any kind of unstructured data.

Automate your Customer Service

Quickly help your customers resolve their issues with AI assistants for business.


Sentiment and Intention analysis

Add intelligence to understanding your customer feelings.

Voice and conversation bots

Automate your routine communications.

Text classification and clustering

Classify any kind of text information such as emails and customer feedback.

Tabular Data Analysis

Our engineers have experience in Data Analysis, but also they know a thing or two about mathematical models. So we can solve a wide range of problems related to any kind of data series, such as statistics of your sales or lists of recent transactions. The synergy of a wide array of tools and our experience make it possible to build solutions for any business size and domain. 

Tabular Data Analysis

Use Cases and Benefits

Fraud Detection in Banking

Find all suspicious activity and block all stolen cards.

Marketing Adjustment

Predict the impacts of customer engagement for a particular direct marketing promotion.

Improve your Offers

Automate the search for the best solution for particular customers with recommendation services.


Regression analysis for data series

Analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future or otherwise unknown events.

Models for anomaly detection

Detect any suspicious values from your data series.

Recommendation service

Use models to predict the rating or preference a user would give an item.

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