In October 2013, Michael Brooks, CEO of goLance, came up with an idea to create a global platform that would connect freelancers with clients in a secure, yet flexible and transparent way.

The platforms that were already available on the market had many limitations such as high payment and withdrawal fees, hidden exchange rate fees, inability to subcontract work, payment freezes, and insufficient support for additional functionality required by agencies.

Michael Brooks

Michael recognized the need to develop a platform that would contribute to a more efficient workflow through:

  • Lowered fees for freelancers and zero fees for clients
  • The possibility to synchronize freelancer data with professional networks
  • Fast and transparent payments through a variety of payment systems
  • Time tracking capabilities
  • No strict differentiation between employers and freelancers
  • Cashback & referral bonuses for existing customers


Michael had a rough design of the solution developed by a third party. He was searching for a team that could bring his idea to life. He considered Node.js to be a perspective tool for backend development, so he wanted to collaborate with a team that had hands-on experience in developing solutions using it.

Paralect was among the first companies who had experience working with emerging frameworks and system components of the time, including Docker, Kafka, React Native, NW.js and building microservice architectures. Thanks to this expertise, the customer decided to collaborate with Paralect.

Igor Krasnik
Igor Krasnik, CTO at Paralect


Paralect developed an MVP within 6 months.

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In order to help our customer create a strong brand and increase the customer base, our team investigated existing freelance platforms, and analyzed existing customer’s ideas.

One of the biggest challenges that we faced during the project was the development of a built-in time tracking tool that would help freelancers track their working time more effectively, as there freelancers’ income depended on the time spent working. Before rolling the tracking tool to production, we decided to develop a simulation-based testing environment in order to ensure stable work.

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks, CEO of goLance
It was necessary to test all the use cases of the time tracking tool to ensure that it works in all environments, since its stable work was crucial for effective collaboration between freelancers and employers. In particular, we had to make sure that all OSs are be supported, that the tool is easily updated and that it is capable of working offline.
Igor Krasnik
Igor Krasnik, CTO at Paralect

Because the solution supports a large number of payment systems, we also dedicated a lot of efforts to achieve smooth integration with payment systems while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. In addition, our team built a large number of fraud management filters to add additional layers of security and prevent fraud, lowering risks for both freelacers and customers.


Cashback & referrals

Cashback & referrals

Employers receive a 2–5% cashback for each transaction. Moreover, the platform offers a referral program for all users, enabling them to receive lifetime payments in the amount of 10% of the cost of all the work their referral does.

Time tracking

Time tracking

The developed time tracking tool, goMeter, provides transparency for freelancers and employers and enables the former to optimize their working time.

P2P payments & cryptocurrency payment gateway

P2P payments & cryptocurrency payment gateway

The developed solution offers peer-to-peer payments, enabling the transfer of funds from one person to another through a click of a button. Besides, it accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, thus providing its users with a variety of payment options.

Global payment systems

Global payment systems

The platform supports 15+ payment systems, including ACH, PayPal, Transpay, Tipalty, Payoneer, Local Funds Transfer, etc.

Opportunity to subcontract

Opportunity to subcontract

goLance allows freelancers to subcontract part of their work in case an employer asks them to do the work beyond their skillset. As a result, freelancers can become employers, being able to hire and manage experts to help them complete the necessary job. This feature allows freelancers not to lose their revenue and do their job faster.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Paralect developed a mobile version of the application that covers most of the functionality provided by the web application and allows its users to hire freelancers, make payments, and view reports on the go.

External systems integration

External systems integration

A distinctive feature of the platform is its integration with a large number of external systems, including social networks, payment systems, and time tracking tools.


Within the first days of the platform release , the customer saw fast organic growth of the solution’s users. By 2018, there were:

registered users
more active contracts
increased revenue

Besides, the implemented solution automated and streamlined the following processes:

  • Hiring employees

    Hiring employees

    Using the platform, employers post their work, send offers to freelancers, organize meetings and interviews, and sign contracts, all in one place.

  • Invoicing & billing

    Invoicing & billing

    goLance provides for hourly and fixed contracts and ensures freelancers get paid on time while employers only pay for the actual work.

  • Payment options

    Payment options

    The platform supports a large number of payment options and offers fast and secure payments through virtual cards, peer-to-peer payments, and cryptocurrency wallets.

Further partnership

The customer continues its partnership with Paralect and plans to divide the solution into two separate modules: freelance platform goLance and payment platform goWallet. Our team will be responsible for developing the new module and integrating goLance with goWallet as a payment system.

Igor Krasnik
Igor Krasnik, CTO at Paralect



  • MVP development, integration


  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React Native
  • Docker
  • Mesos
  • Kafka
  • MongoDB

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