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White label apps: how to design one

If you want to deliver the app fast without investing too much money into its development, a white label app is a smart choice.

We'll share our design process for creating a white label app for Nudge. We have already released one white label application before, and we constantly use this design flow to prepare demo mockups for potential clients. All we need for this is the school's logo!

Find out how to prepare layouts and prototypes for a demo with just a logo with our example 👋🏻

What exactly is a White Label app

A white label app is a universal mobile application that can be downloaded to devices. Any business can reuse it for their needs and customize the app design or functionality.

White label apps are more budget-friendly options for businesses because they require less investments than building a custom mobile app.

What product we’ll be talking about

Nudge is an app for alumni where they can receive support from colleagues who succeed and are ready to share the experience. In June 2021 we started design and discovery of the app concept, later we decided to update the app and offer it as a white label solution.

Now schools and companies in France have the possibility to buy Nudge for their alumni and get full freedom to use their own logo, colors, identity, etc.

Use Design System to the max

We designed and developed the Nudge app first, and only after that realized that we need to have a white label option. We have already made a design system, logo, illustrations and branding.

If you want to create a white label app, it is important to have a well-formed color palette that includes:
• a bright main color,
• a secondary light color,
• and a dark color for fonts (if we are talking about light theme apps).

You can use these colors throughout the app, including in the UI elements, backgrounds, and icons.

In Figma, you can create and use styles. This makes it easy to apply consistent design elements throughout your project. For example, if you have a color style for your main brand color, you can quickly apply it to all the UI elements that use that color.

Similarly, if you have a font style for your main heading font, you can quickly apply it to all the headings in your project. By using styles, you save time and ensure consistency in your design.

If you are creating a white label app for a client, you need to prepare a few screens of the app in their colors for demos. This will help them visualize how the app will look with their branding.

To prep the full app design we didn’t jump into updating every screen in our current Nudge app, we used this simple flow:

  1. Duplicate. We duplicated the project in Figma.
  2. Change styles. Update colors, styles and components with the logo.
  3. Done ✅

Tips for great white label app design

1. Contrast & Colors

  1. Remember to keep good contrast in the app.
  2. Be sure that visual hierarchy is evident without the needs of colors.
  3. Ask yourself every time about the use of additional color.

2. Components & Styles

If you use components and variants in Figma, it will help you. You can change the logo in one component and it will be applied everywhere :)
You need to have a well-formed color style in Figma that helps you to update the color scheme easily in the whole app. You can change it every time to any business identity.

3. Illustrations

Have separate frames with illustrations from the app, change their colors with the help of Color styles. This way developers will be able to quickly update them in the application. If you want to update them quickly in design too —  use components!

Bottom line

By following these steps, you can create a white label app that is customized to the client's needs and aligns with their brand identity. This will help them stand out from their competitors and attract more customers. Win-win!

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