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How to prepare your Product Hunt launch (without spending big bucks)

Here's the 6-step guide we followed to use community activation and authenticity to reach Product of the Day with Momentum.

If you got your first users and validated your product but aren’t sure how to scale it further — consider a Product Hunt launch. Why? It can deliver 1k—5k views in a few days.

We launched Momentum on May 29th and reached product #1 of the day and #1 marketing product of the week along with ~8k unique visitors to the site. Let's get into the launch roadmap.

1. Schedule your launch in 3+ weeks

You’re gonna need time to build hype and get folks to sign up on your PH teaser page. Check other upcoming launches around your target date and try to pick a day with less competition.

You can change the date so don’t stress out about selecting the perfect day right away.

2. DAILY (!!!): share your notify/teaser page on Twitter.

Your goal is to increase the number of links and number of unique people/convos where the link is shared.

Don't spam, find where the link fits. Explain what exactly your product does.

To do that genuinely engage daily with other makers and your target audience on Twitter. Learn their names. Bring them on a call. Make them your friends!

Tips from Lera:
🤓 Show yourself & your teammates! People should know what you look and they should remember you!

🤪 Feel free to be creative and crazy! The first thing that comes to your mind is likely the most correct and cool! Even if it's a meme with a cat holding your product logo in its paws!

3. List your launch on for more exposure

I’m not affiliated with them — it's a useful analytics tool that you'll use daily during your launch prep to monitor how other tools perform.

4. Support other makers and launches

All founders are scared and nervous before their launches. Even if they did it before.

Genuinely research what they're building, try to pitch their product with your own words, quote and share their launches.

Chances are they will do the same when you launch (if you commented a few times under their content).

5. Follow and support accounts of Product Hunt influencers

You can learn from them, ask questions or even got them on a call!

These big players helped me a lot: @TakoTreba, @d4m1n, @aliszu, @thisiskp_, @zeng_wt

Ahead of the Momentum launch I gladly joined KP’s Build in Public podcast to share my story further.

6. Show your face. Show your product. Be authentic.

The more details people see about you as a maker or your product, the more they relate and remember you.

We used our team photos and videos extensively.

We used catchy copy and music on our demo video. It was far from perfect but it was unique.

Tips from Lera:

🖼️ Don't be afraid to go "outside the canvas" — your marketing can consist not only of pictures and videos, but also of:
  1. a playlist for your product
  2. funny merch about your product
  3. and please don't forget about memes!!
🆒 Definitely don't bother with the design of marketing pictures. It's better to make a lot, bold and quickly, than only one ‘ideal’ picture.

Here's what you should have by the launch day:

  • 100+ users who clicked notify on your teaser page
  • Big number of twitter convos where you shared the teaser page link (200+)
  • Small group of makers/influencers who will 100% support you during the launch day (eg. 5 makers)
  • Larger group of founders/people who will likely support you (100+ people you engaged with)

Final tip from Lera:
Say "thank you" every time someone supports you with a comment or repost. I created "best supporter" certificates for the most active folks with their photos and names, and I still think that this is one of my best ideas of the launch day.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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