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4 tips to make your startup website perform (and convert)

Your landing page is a vital part of startup marketing. It helps to boost awareness, attract leads and close deals, but only if done right.

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To make your landing page the best-performing instrument in your arsenal, you need to make it easy to understand. Your audience must get the whole value of your product or service in a matter of seconds. How do we do that?

Let’s look at four proven content tips that work for founders across the globe and across different industries

1: Use a powerful structure

You don’t need to be flashy to attract an audience to your landing page, but presenting your product or service clearly is a must. Put the most important things on top and the least important below.

The core of your page must go first to make the audience dig your product/service.

To get a simple and clean landing page, use this structure as a template.

First screen

  1. Title - to explain the value and grab attention
  2. Subtitle - to explain how you bring this value to life or elaborate on it
  3. CTA - to show how to take the next step to solve the problem
  4. Social proof - to make it believable
  5. Visual - to visualize the value and solution

Next screens

  1. Key benefits - not the features, we are talking about customers’ needs
  2. Video presentation of the product/service — if you have at least a demo to present all the benefits quickly
  3. FAQ - if necessary explain the startup more or dig into some niche details
  4. Testimonials - if you already have them to support the value claim
  5. 2nd CTA - to help those who are finally convinced to take the next step

You don’t need to make your landing page long to make it work and attract clients. You can even have just one screen at the beginning.

What you need more is a clear explanation of the value of your product/service. To do so, focus more on the copy of your page.

2: Write clean and clear website copy

1. Keep it Short and Simple, yet clear

Use the KISS framework as a mantra throughout the entire landing page copy, but focus more on the Title and Subtitle on the first screen. Bring the value for your customers upfront (in the Title), and explain your service/product deeper in the Subtitle.

Look at how clearly PremedGo does it: the Title speaks about the problem/inner pain and need of the customer, while the Subtitle provides a solution in simple and clear language.

2. Avoid we and focus on you

People don’t want to hear about your solution. They want to know how you plan to solve their problem and why they should choose your solution over others. Stand out by being sincere and customer-oriented.

To make it easier, you can follow the simple formula to write:

💡 WHAT THING can bring to WHOM WHICH value and HOW.

explains what it does in the Title and goes straight to the value for customers.

WHAT (footprint calculations) for WHOM (packaging companies) can bring WHICH value (winning customers) and HOW (with sustainability claims.)

3. One screen = one message

Your copy must be clear and short for viewers to get the meaning behind it. Don’t complicate your messages. Try to deliver them by following a simple rule: one screen = one message.

Don’t overload your audience with tons of additional information.

goLance platform
for finding freelancers is a perfect example of one message per screen. It is laser-focused on one message: assisting in the rapid identification of qualified freelancers.

Of course, the text is long and could use a little polishing and cutting, but it follows the rule of one message. To make it work even better, we can shorten the subtitle without losing any meaning.

❌ Hire skilled professionals who specialize in the type of work you need done. Whether your projects are one-offs or ongoing, goLance helps you find the most suitable people in the shortest time. So you can build your business.

✅ While goLance looks for the most suitable people, you can focus on building your business.

The meaning stays, we still have one message, but in a short and clear copy.

4. Highlight benefits, not features

Remember that you’re not talking about your company and product. You’re showing the value it can bring to people.

Features: Facts about products or services that add credibility and substance to your sales pitch.

Benefits: Give customers a reason to buy because they explain how your product or service improves their lives.

To convert features into benefits, answer the question “So what?”

❌ We monitor your servers daily.

So what?

✅ Your servers won’t go down. You can focus on making business.

❌ I write copy for startups.

So what?

✅ You can attract more visitors and investors with content.

❌ We added a high-speed connection.

So what?

✅ You can call your relatives in every corner of the world.

More copywriting tips:

  • Don’t exaggerate
  • 1 video is worth a million words
  • Use AI tools to start writing and polish your copy, but don’t depend solely on it
  • Add a smart CTA button to convert your visitor into a buyer
  • Try to use active voice only, it sounds more convincing and powerful
  • Avoid tech jargon if it doesn’t make the audience relate


By using the clear structure and polishing the copy of your landing page, you can help your audience to understand the value and the benefits of your startup faster.

And this is exactly what makes the sales: clear value + something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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