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Be prepared to impress your investors with real numbers. We've built product validation tools and frameworks for all kinds of products with any monetisation model, market segment, geography and business domain.

Understand your product metrics early

Shape the Idea
It’s quite hard to meet with friends & relatives from abroad, bc it’s hard to find the best place, transport and meet legal requirements.
The platform when you can fill in data about all of your friends and relatives and platform will provide you a suitable option on how to meet together.
Build Landing page or Simple Mobile app
Set up analytics
Click Through Rate (CTR)
Emerge the picture of a startup:
Find the right product positioning that converts
Find the most efficient channels to acquire users
See better your user profile
Understand a cost of visitor/user, compare with the benchmarks
Design and launch lead generation campaigns
Analyze product metrics
Use Paralect frameworks to simulate business features based on Costs per conversions along the funnel.
Benchmark CTR
Product CTR
Benchmark CPC
Product CPC

Use validation metrics and templates to raise pre-seed round

Customisable mobile app
Request template
Landing page
Use templates
Financial plan
Use template
Metrics analytics
Request template

Pack idea for the investor. Attractively. Convincingly.

Competitors analysis
Download template
Financial planning
Download template

Validate my product idea and pack for investor

Tell us about your startup and Kate or Konstantin will contact you soon

Tell us about your startup and Kate

or Konstantin

will contact you soon

Tell us about your startup and Kate or Konstantin will contact you soon

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