Next-generation platform to design and plan a dream wedding

First no-code app developed by Paralect

Months to MVP
Weddings are big business ($96 billion in the U.S.), yet planning them remains stressful and complex due to a lack of information transparency, the multitude of vendor touchpoints, and lousy financing options.
Novela’s founder, Adam R. Healey, validated the idea with couples and potential users of the platform and discovered the challenge of finding venues, florists, and photographers for your weddings in all the different places. That’s why he decided to make a product that will unite all these vendors in one place.

Novela is the first transactional marketing platform for weddings, using customizable ‘collections’ to make information more transparent, decision-making more streamlined, and financing & payments easy.
We worked on the platform to make wedding planning with intelligence, style, and grace. Novela brings together engaged couples, wedding vendors, and Novela wedding curators. Currently, all the сontent management is done manually via the Airtable database.

We divided our work on the platform into 2 parts:
The platform is aimed at the US market, starting with Charlottesville, Virginia, the hometown of the founder.
For the launch we designed and developed a user-friendly web platform for both couples to be wed and vendors.

Couples can easily access more quality wedding content at scale,  make informed planning decisions or find fresh inspiration.

Vendors can easily get promotion possibilities, control business information, get bookings and optimize revenue through dynamic pricing.

We also created a short quiz for couples to find the best wedding option for them.

By answering a couple of questions on Novela’s website, couples can give curators all the info to plan the budget for the wedding, venue, and style.
In the beginning, we thought that a simple no-code or low-code solution would be enough for the platform, but as we spoke more with the founder, we realized that he wants to implement the complete system for vendors using the platform. So we started to use Airtable and planned to develop a content management system that requires more coding.
It’s better to find out all the details of the product to be developed right from the beginning in order not to make sudden changes during the actual development.
Novela users are now able to fill in the onboarding questionnaire, pay for customizable wedding collections, and receive email notifications.
There are currently 2 roles in the system: vendors and curators.
Registration (made via email invitation)
Forgot/change password
Create/read/update own vendor listing & team
Create/read/update own venue listing & spaces
Add photos to vendor listing
Create/read/update/delete own testimonials
Real Weddings
Read list of published/unpublished weddings + filter
Tag/unlink vendors in the wedding
Add internal notes for the Curator
Create/read/update one real wedding
Add/remove vendors from real wedding
Add/tag photos/add photos to listing shoebox
Credentials are provided to curator by developers
Manage Vendors
Read/filter/search list of vendors
Create, read, update, delete one vendor listing
Preview/read status/read history of changes vendor listing
Preview/send an invitation link to sender
Real Weddings
Read/filter/search list of real weddings
Create, read, update, delete one real wedding
Add photos/tag to real wedding
Submit/review/review status a real wedding for curator's review
Read history of changes of real wedding
Preview a real wedding
We also started to develop Wedding Collections to provide couples with packaged plans for their weddings, including venue, catering, decorations, photography and planning.
We developed and launched MVP in two months. Novela became the first no-code app developed by Paralect.
Interesting fact: the founder got married with the help of Novela and its features.
We also drafted a scope of improvements and features to scale the product.
Adding responsive design
Creating a stand-alone content-management system (CMS) for the platform
Adding client referrals and vendor recommendations to the set of existing features
Improving the wedding collections
Introducing client referrals

Technologies & Integrations

ASP.NET Core 6.0
Next.js 12

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